Barcelona – Surya Kriya & Surya Shakti – 9. / 10. May, 2020 @ Soul of Yoga

May 9, 2020 @ 9:00 am – May 10, 2020 @ 11:30 am
Atha Yoga
Hans Kirchner

Surya Kriya & Surya Shakti
Barcelona, Spain –  09. / 10. May, 2020

“With Surya Kriya you will learn a holistic practice to health, wellness and complete inner wellbeing. Practicing the Surya Kriya lets you move towards a space within yourself and around yourself, where outer circumstances are not in any way intrusive or obstructing the process of life.” – Sadhguru

“When the practice [Surya Kriya] is done, geometrically, in a hundred percent correct manner then we will initiate the Surya Kriya in a certain way and it will become a very powerful process towards physiological and psychological health as well as a tremendous spiritual possibility. It will take a certain amount of time and application and constant correction to come to that state of perfection. Only then, initiating into it will be worthwhile because it is a powerful process. It needs to be done with a certain level of competence. Surya Kriya is different from Surya Namaskar in that the original practice or the real practice is Surya Kriya. It is a way of aligning yourself with the sun and it is a much more refined process which needs enormous attention in terms of the geometry of the body. Surya Namaskar is a country cousin of Surya Kriya. […] If you want a strong spiritual process in the physical process that you are doing, then you do Surya Kriya. ~Sadhguru

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About Surya Shakti ?

“Surya” means “Sun,”and “Shakti” means “energy”. SuryaShakti is an dynamic form of the Sun Salutation which is an ancient yogic practice with a powerful sequence of 18 postures.

Surya Shakti builds the physical body – it makes the sinews and ligaments of your body strong. In Yoga, we give importance to the sinews that hold the skeletal system and the whole body together. When we do any yogic practice, which is physical in nature, the focus is mainly to strengthen those, not to pump up your muscles. Strengthening the sinews of the body is what will endure for a long time and keep you well. Surya Shakti does this in a tremendous way.

When we say Surya, we are talking about the Sun which is the basic powerhouse of the planet. Life on the planet is solar powered, including human system. Surya Shakti is a way of using that energy. It does wonders for your health, as well as your physical and mental wellbeing.

Surya Shakti enriches your life in many ways:
1. Brings about physical fitness and overall wellbeing
2. Makes the sinews and ligaments of the body strong
3. Increases mental alertness and focus
4. Creates a basis for one to move into higher states of energy

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