Isha Yogasanas Workshop in Berlin Germany on 10-11.06.2023

June 10, 2023 @ 9:00 am – June 11, 2023 @ 8:00 pm
now Classical Hatha Yoga Studio Berlin Germany
Diedenhoferstr. 3
10405 Berlin
Dhanya Ma
+49 1701883514

Yogasanas  (Beginners)

Time (4 Sessions):
10 – 11. 06. 2023
9-11:30 am + 4:30 -7 pm on 10.06 (Sat)
9-11:30 am + 4:30 -7 pm on 11.06 (Sun)

now Classical Hatha Yoga Studio Berlin
Diedenhoferstr. 3
10405 Berlin

Imagine how your life would be if you were at ease 24/7. These Yogic postures will help you establish/experience inner stillness, empowering you to handle life situations with balance, clarity and efficiency. Elevate your consciousness with Yogasanas.

Program Highlights & Benefits:
Achieve balance, harmony and stillness
– Infuse balance and stillness into your daily lifec
– Stabilise your body, mind, and energy system
– Decelerate the ageing process
– Improve your overall health and vitality

“If you consciously hold an asana, it can alter the way you think, feel, and experience life. This is what Hatha Yoga can do.” – Sadhguru

Practice Requirements
– Suitable for ages 14+
– Medium-level intensity
– No experience of yoga necessary

Discount possible for those who need it.

– Small group with more individual corrections.
– 40 day post-workshop practice support
– 1 free correction session after the workshop
– Online food session “Eat Like a Yogi”.

Please Note:

Due to the nature of this practice, there are some precautions. People who fall under any of the below categories are not eligible to participate at this time:

– Women who are currently pregnant
– Anyone who has had a major open surgery in the last 6 months
– Anyone who has had a laparoscopic surgery in the last 6 weeks

As a general note, always consult and follow your doctor’s advice. If you have any questions regarding your participation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

No prior experience of yoga necessary.
The workshop taught in such a way that you can practice it on your own soon after completing the sessions.

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