Bhuta Shuddhi Stuttgart, Germany – October 27th

October 27, 2018 @ 8:42 pm – 9:42 pm
Vairagya Yoga
Yoga & Pilates in der Galerie
Friedenstraße 12
70190 Stuttgart
Rama Ramiah
+44 7900 360096

Bhuta Shuddhi

Stuttgart, Germany. 27th October

The wellbeing of the body and mind can be established by purifying these five elements within the human system. The Bhuta Shuddhi processes offered by Isha provide a unique opportunity for everyone to benefit from this esoteric yogic science, which otherwise requires intense sadhana (spiritual practices).

  • Keeps the system in harmony and balance
  • Prepares the system to handle powerful states of energy
  • Creates the basis to gain complete mastery over the human system

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