Introduction to Meditation

August 14, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
7 rue du Valais
Michelle Mayes
+41 77 401 51 88

Till 4th September, we are offering 2 hours Isha Hatha Yoga sessions on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings for the hugely discounted rate of 35 chf for 2 hours. The programme is varied, and allows you to experience many aspects of yoga.

In this session, you will learn THREE simple and effective techniques you can easily use then you need to take a step back from your troubles.

1) Isha Kriya – a 12-18 minute process which used the breath, the thought and the awareness to create some distance between you and your body, you and your mind, which is the first step to liberation.

2) Namaskar Process: the simplest form of Yoga!

This process uses a certain posture and the emotions to create a feeling of unity and peace within.

3) Nirvana Skatakam: this ancient mantra uses the sounds of Sanskrit to help you create distance between yourself and everything that is going on around you. We will listen to the mantra and learn how to chant a portion of it.

Age: 14+

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