Jala Neti in Tours, France : 17 March 2023

March 17, 2023 @ 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Dipti Munot
+33 0627725589

Jala Neti in Tours, France : 17 March 2023

Jala Neti is a simple but effective process of cleansing the nasal passages with salt water using a copper jala neti pot designed by Sadhguru.

Practice provides following benefits:

  • Helps with the diseases of eyes, nose, throat
  • Removes excess mucus and pollutants from nasal passages and sinuses
  • Helps relieve insomnia, tirednes, improves quality of sleep
  • Prevents and helps with respiratory tract diseases like asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis
  • Relieves cold, allergies, sinusitis
  • Helps with tonsillitis, allergic rhinitis, hay fever
  • Relieve migrane and headaches, anxiety, stress release and brings tranquility
  • Helps with epilepsy

Prior experience of yoga is not required. Registration is mandatory. Open to all aged 14 and above.

Eamil : intensify.hatha.yoga@gmail.com

Website : https://intensify-hatha-yoga.com

Contact : +330627725589