Stretch and Destress

August 17, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
7 rue du Valais
Michelle Mayes
+41 77 401 51 88

Till 4th September, we are offering 2 hours Isha Hatha Yoga sessions on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings for the hugely discounted rate of 35 chf for 2 hours. The programme is varied, and allows you to experience many aspects of yoga.

Do you notice how as you go through different stressful situations, your body becomes stiff and tense? Would you like to go through the day feeling totally relaxed, independent of what is happening around you?

Once you understand the connection between your body and your mental patterns, you can use one to influence the other. By keeping the body free from tension, the mind can also be clearer and sharper, and you will feel lighter within yourself.

This session is an introduction to simple yoga practices to help you start to experience that connection between body and mind, and to learn how to consciously stay free from tension.

The session is suitable for beginners, and you will immediately be able to do these practices at home or even in the office.

Advance registration is required. Please ensure you have received confirmation of your registration before you set out for the venue.

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