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“In our tradition, serving spiritual seekers and monks has always been of utmost importance. This can be a path in itself. The most beautiful expression of this is the Annadanam – the sacred offering of food.” - Sadhguru

Your donation allows us to provide nourishment to volunteers and visitors that come to the Isha Yoga Center from all over the world


About Annandanam

The Sanskrit word Annadanam means the offering or sharing (danam) of food (annam).

At Isha, Annadanam is offered twice a day to thousands of volunteers, brahmacharis and visitors of the Isha Yoga Centre, who are dedicating their lives to the various spiritual and social projects of the foundation.

Annadanam is also offered on special festival days such as Mahashivratri, Guru Purnima, Yaksha festival and during the nine days of Navratri to several thousand people who visit Isha Yoga Center. It is also offered on every Purnima (full moon), all year long.

How Will Your Donation Make a Difference?

  • You will have a real impact on people’s lives through the simple act of donating towards Annadanam - the sacred offering of food.
  • You will help provide a daily meal - fundamental support for the volunteers that are involved in Isha’s several large-scale human service projects to support individual growth, revitalize the human spirit, rebuild communities, and restore the environment.
  • You will contribute to providing nourishment to thousands of visitors from all over the world that come to the Isha Yoga Center, a sacred space for self-transformation to pursue the spiritual path.

Donate for Annadanam

“Annadanam means someone gives you the opportunity to be a giver of life. When you offer this without any expectation, you become an embodiment of Love.” - Sadhguru

Thank you for supporting the work of Isha Foundation and the Annadanam appeal. Isha Foundation is a volunteer-based, non-profit organisation founded in 1992 in India by Sadhguru, which addresses all aspects of human wellbeing. Over the last three decades, Isha Foundation's activities have touched the lives of over 200 million people, reaching out to individuals irrespective of their economic, cultural or religious background.

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