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Can I change my session to another one? What if I miss a session due to unforeseen circumstances?
Change of session day or timing may or may not be possible depending on availability. It is best that you continue in the same session you signed up for.
How do I know the system on my laptop will support these sessions?
If the minimum requirements listed here are met, you will be able to attend the session. A check-in process is also required once you register, and will will allow you to access the platform and test your system thoroughly before participating in the session.
What if there is a power failure during the session?
If there is a momentary disruption during the session, either due to fluctuating power or internet connectivity, please try to log back in to the session as soon as it is resolved. If the disruption is more long lasting, please call and notify us immediately so you don’t miss any program content.
How do I know I’m doing the practice right?
The practices will be taught in detail with demonstrations, and you will be sufficiently supported. After the program, various means of support will be offered in the form of practice correction sessions. You can also send your practice-related questions through email, phone and webinars.
What if my internet stops working during the session?
Before the session, please ensure your internet connection is stable and that you have enough bandwidth and data. In case you get disconnected for a few moments, please try refreshing your screen. If you are unable to, you can either use the live chat support or call the helpline.