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"The Shambhavi Mahamudra is a tool to touch the source of creation. In touching your innermost core, there is transformation." - Sadhguru

What is Inner Engineering

Isha Yoga In-Person Sessions offer you simple methods to cultivate peace, joy and wellbeing. Whether you are seeking to eliminate anxiety, improve productivity, or regain a lost sense of vibrancy, there are a variety of sessions for you to dive into.

Join us at a venue near you to learn simple, powerful Yoga practices & guided meditations. These practices are suitable for everyone, so gather your friends, family and loved ones to join us for these free, in-person sessions!

The program is conducted in English with live Arabic translation.

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Bring Balance to Your Mind and Body


Experience Inner Peace, Joy & Wellbeing

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Eliminate Stress, Fear and Anxiety


1st-10th 11th-20th 21st-31st

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